Pending Motions for Disbarment on Consent

As of Thursday, August 11, 2022

This page contains links to pending motions for disbarment on consent filed pursuant to Supreme Court Rule 762(a). Click on a link to go to the document.

Please note: Some lawyers named as respondents in proceedings may have names similar to other lawyers on the Master Roll of Attorneys. To verify that a particular lawyer is the respondent named in a proceeding or to check the current status, please call the Clerk's Office of the ARDC at (312) 565-2600 or, within Illinois, at (800) 826-8625.

Crystal Lake, IL
Attorney Number: 3123594
Statement of Charges filed: July 27, 2022
Bridgman, MI
Attorney Number: 6257717
Statement of Charges filed: April 27, 2022