Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

DEI Mission Statement

The purpose and mission of the ARDC Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) initiative is to clarify the DEI connection and benefit regarding:

What we do and who we serve

  • Provide leadership and direction for diversity at the ARDC
  • Cultivate awareness of the importance of diversity and how it enriches the Commission
  • Enhance the diversity and cultural competence in all levels of the Commission
  • Ensure that the ARDC serves all members of the legal profession and the public
  • Contribute to efforts to increase diversity and inclusion in the legal profession and in the community in general

Our Workplace and Workforce

  • Promote a culture that leverages differences and similarities to maximize organizational and individual potential
  • Encourage all staff members to develop mutual respect, understanding, and appreciation of different perspectives and backgrounds
  • Introduce diversity into the systems, structures, and culture of the ARDC, and develop accountability through assessment
  • Advise and assist the ARDC in establishing and maintaining an environment free of discrimination and harassment

DEI Vision Statement

The ARDC promotes and protects the integrity of the legal profession. We recognize that diversity of ideas, backgrounds, and experience is crucial to fulfilling this commitment. With a diverse, inclusive, and engaged culture that inspires all individuals to work together, we:
  • Provide services in a manner that meets diverse needs, and work to ensure that we are visible and accessible to all;
  • Fully embrace and promote inclusion across our people and services, and we integrate diversity into our business strategies and decisions;
  • Recruit, develop, and retain a diverse workforce of attorneys and staff; and we recruit and retain diverse boards of volunteer lawyers and non-lawyers that reflect the population we serve.